Parenting Pumpkins

This boy. He has given me and his daddy a run for our money since his birth. When I was pregnant, we didn’t know if our firstborn was a boy or a girl (deep down inside I knew, but I didn’t want to get too excited). So we called him/her Pumpkin. Pumpkin came out Jack, […]

This is the Country You’re Coming To

Dear Abigail, Fifteen days ago, in a country about 2300 miles away from yours, hundreds of people gathered around a track throughout the day. In the morning, there were a lot of strollers, pushed by mothers whose hearts had been broken 14 years ago. The BOBS and other inferior running strollers were filled with babies […]

Adoption FAQs

Just in case you haven’t heard, the Kuppers are giving the grandparents another reason to sing. “She’s a keeper!” says Grammy. “She’s a cutie!” says Papa. My mom posted on Facebook, “Words fail me when I try to convey how I feel now. Excited, very proud of you and Nick, nervous about the unknown, anxious […]

The Boys Who Stare at Dust

I watched my little man shove cereal into his mouth, remembering after a week of being gone how beautiful his four-year-old eyelashes are. “Hey Jude,” I asked. “Do you know where Daddy and I were this week, and why you had to stay with Miss Bonny for a little bit?” The spoon kept going, barely […]

The Man with 50 Kids {A Review}

No, he isn’t a shah with 23 wives and a palace to fill with his heirs.¬† And David Chalmers is hardly a womanizer with a baby mama in every state. Still, this single Australian teacher serves as a daddy-on-paper to over 50 kids around the globe. Any guesses? Alright, I’ll fill you in. You’ve heard […]