Church Lessons

I grew up in church, and for me, that was a good thing. Those hideously bright red pews and carpet were the worst part; otherwise, I had a great time hanging out with my friends, going to Sunday School, volunteering in the nursery, acting in Christmas pageants, singing in Easter choir and chowing down at […]

Why We Sponsor Someone Else’s Child

Once upon a time, I spent 18 months and thousands of hours planning a 10k/5k race. I poured my heart and soul and every spare minute into it, not because I had oodles of free time, but because of these little dudes and ladies: These infants are part of Compassion International’s Child Survival Program — […]

Tuesday Tour

I’ve already given you a virtual tour of my British house. So when my friend Jill — an awesome Oregonian Compassion International advocate who blogs over at Compassion Family — asked me to join a blog tour, I said yee-haw and ride ‘em cowboy. We all know that’s not true, but it’s a fun visual, […]

Graduation & Growing Pains

Facebook feeds go through themes, ya know. There are photos of scrubbed-up, backpacked children on the porch in September; wrinkled old men tenderly holding their great-grandchildren at Thanksgiving; those Christmas-letter family shots at year’s end; perfect little ladies and gentlemen in lace and suspenders by the rhododendrons at Easter…and summertime. Summer is a dream for photographer […]