A Father at 8,000 miles away

Yesterday was Nick’s first Father’s Day. He spent it on a tiny island in the Pacific 8,000 miles away from his son. We spoke on the phone, and Nick expressed frustration at being away from us on this special day. “I just want to hold him!” he said. When I reminded him that I’m posting […]

Running fun

I seriously cannot comprehend how parents with small children live without jogging stollers! I absolutely love mine and like nothing better than to take my little man out on a run. It even has an extra seat for Joshua! Plus, how cute does Jack look in his little sunhat????

Jack as a Farm Boy

Even though I would much rather be in Idaho with Nick, I know my parents have really been enjoying having their grandson around. Dad fetched the HipHammock on his own today to take Jack on a lawn mower ride around the baseball field. I hope Jack can develop a special relationship with all his grandparents […]


This past Saturday was my Grandma Betty’s funeral. It was a beautiful, long-winded, fitting tribute to the incredible woman that she was. And as I sat there in the front row of the church, as people were once again amazed by the amount of work she managed to do in her 83 years, I found […]

God and Ballet

So this weekend has been very exhausting, both physically and emotionally. We continued that trend today as we spent it in Portland, first for Josh’s dedication, then for Elsa’s recital. Here’s Jack on the way up: Joshua Dean was dedicated to the Lord today. And matching the theme of the dance recital, “Dancin’ Across the […]